Pocket Edger provides a simple and accurate 45° bevel angle (chamfer) along any edge. Handy pocket size tool is ideal for doors, cabinets, melamine edge banding, laminate countertops, drywall, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sheet glass, fiberglass, composites & more. More accurate than filing by hand or using a sanding block and avoids the dust, noise, set-up time and potential for edge damage using a router.

Puck disc cartridges snap fit into Pocket Edger and are infinitely rotatable within Edger to use entire abrasive surface, or may be rotated to adjust direction of file teeth. Refills for use on any surface include KGS Swiss Diamond®, Norton Blaze® ceramic and A275OP® abrasive, Vallorbe Swiss® files & German-made Gummy rubber abrasive.